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Gerry and the Pacemakers

A discography of known releases of Gerry and the Pacemakers, with individual pages for Britain, Canada, the United States, and Japan. (Anyone having decent information on releases from other countries is welcome to contact me.) These discographies focus on the classic 1960s material, as the status of privately-released new material from the 1980s onward is a bit unclear. (And copies of these recent albums rarely show up for re-sale.) Gerry Marsden's solo material through the 1970s will be found under the British discography.

British Discography

Canadian Discography

Japanese Discography

United States / American Discography

**NEW** Freddie and the Dreamers Discography

This site currently contains no information on bootleg releases, in large part due to the fact that I have never seen or heard reference to any Gerry and the Pacemakers bootleg recordings. Any information on bootlegs would be greatly appreciated, and included on the site purely out of factual reference for other fans, with no endorsement, either implicit or explicit, of the bootleg industry on my part. (Of course, they DO release some really neat stuff...)

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